Water Works Constraction

GTD Engineering and Trade PLC is a business organization established in 14/01/2012 EC at Nekemte town with a registered capital of Br.1,200,000.00. The company was established to engage in Water drilling, Mining, Irrigation of Vegetables and Fruits and Import and export. The owners of this business organization are Dr. Geremew Lemessa Duressa, Dereje Worku Tesso and Tederows Temesgen Gemeda. The owners have equal share. The company will be headed by a general manager -Dr. Geremew Lemessa Duressa. Regarding the business experiences of the owners, all of the owners have rich experiences, for instance, in water drilling and agricultural farm.

GTD Engineering and Trade PLC

Now, following the government policy/strategy in promoting private investors to engage in industry, the owners of GTD Engineering and Trade PLC are requesting the government to give them an investment license for the land size of 100ha in order to produce vegetables and fruits by the help of Gibe river on Surface irrigation approach during winter and rain-fed during summer time in Gala Gure Kebele of Boneya Boshe Wereda. The owners are highly energetic and motivated potential entrepreneurs.


GTD Engineering and Trade PLC aspires to be one among the top 20 companies in production of Vegetables and Fruits Water drilling, Mining, Import and export in Ethiopia by 2025 GC.


GTD Engineering and Trade PLC is established to produce vegetables and fruits, drill water, undertake mining of coal and other minerals, engage in import and export of goods by creating job opportunity for the local community and thereby generate profit for the owners.